Take your holidays to an even higher level…

Because all we ever have is right here, right now. A sunset with the person you love at your side, enjoying a delicious cocktail while you take in the spectacular views across Las Américas from our exclusive rooftop terrace, gazing out to sea as the sun hides behind the neighbouring island of La Gomera. Dance […]

Tenerife’s waves; perfect family fun, just minutes away.

Share your passion for the ocean with your family, and give your holidays the flavour of salty sea breeze and a soundtrack of crashing waves and happy laughter. You’re just metres away from one of the best places in the world to enjoy family surf sessions, with waves for all levels and weather conditions. And […]

Fun-filled holidays of pure entertainment…

That’s really all any child wants; to be able to throw themselves down water slides again and again until they’re almost worn out and breathless from jumping in and out of the pool, running, jumping and splashing. Or making new friends to go to the mini club or enjoy playing video games with. They will […]

Are you ready to have fun?

Well, you’ve come to the best possible place. Let them run, jump, fly down the water slides, climb, and zoom along the zip wires. Laugh with them while you enjoy some family sports on our mini multi-sports court and really enjoy your moments together as you savour a special dinner with them, laughing until your […]

Surf Tenerife…

Make each wave count! Paddle out to the left of the Hotel Las Palmeras in Playa de las Américas and experience some world-class waves that are hard to find anywhere else. But you only need to move around the area a bit to discover famous reefs and swells such as la Derecha del Cartel, el […]

And just when you think you’ve experienced it all…

You will discover somewhere that will change the way in which you have fun. Reconnect with the real you as you take in the panoramic views across  Las Américas from the top of our highest water slide, right before you push off and experience the sensation of butterflies in your tummy that takes you right […]

Take your experience to another level

Have you ever had the feeling of soaring through the sky? In our exclusive UP! space, we have set out to offer it to you over and over again, to make your stay with us truly memorable.


Did you know that our skies have been recognised as a Starlight tourist destination? From our UP! roof terraces, you’ll be able to watch how, when the sun goes down over the horizon, countless lights begin to appear overhead, turning the darkness of the night into a canvas of wonder to marvel at and enjoy. […]