Fun is an attitude


Dive, jump, slowly sink in or simply let yourself go. Our swimming pools will become the focal point of the fun you鈥檒l have with us during your holiday. Laughter, adventures and unforgettable moments await everyone, young and old, in our pool area.

Experience it first-hand

Sporting Activities

The spacious areas that surround the swimming pools are perfect for both soaking up some sunshine or enjoying our guided activities.

Pink Bar

The ideal meeting place both to kick-start a day of surfing or to round it off perfectly as the sun goes down over the horizon. Celebrate your feats with a nice, cold beer and just go with the flow.

A space just for you

If you decide to enjoy some sun bathing, we offer Balinese beds to make your moment even more comfortable and special.

Papayas Bar

The perfect place to have a drink or a snack without having to take valuable time away from the pool. An unbeatable backdrop from which you can watch the sun disappear over the horizon.
Fuse with the Atlantic
On the rooftops of our hotels, the horizon of your view will fuse seamlessly with the Atlantic while you sample some of the best local dishes.
Infinity pool
Only Adults
Reserved sunbed

Experience it first-hand

Come and have a look. We have everything ready to welcome you.