We love this winter. Come and discover for yourself why!

Escaping the dead of winter to enjoy some warm sunshine should almost be available on medical prescription. Because, seriously, who wouldn’t want to find themselves lying on a sunbed, relaxing in temperatures of around 22ºC, in the depths of winter?  Getting away to enjoy even just a few days in the warmth not only puts […]

The perfect place for Tenerife’s sun lovers

There is a perfect place for Tenerife’s sun lovers, somewhere that will help you to see your holidays in a whole new light; where you can switch off and forget about everything, where very moment becomes a memory to treasure and every day brings a new adventure. A place where you’ll wish each moment could […]

Your stress-free holiday

Just the way you want it. The moment you’ve been waiting for all these months, the one you’ve dreamt about all this time, is about to come true… At long last, you’ll be able to spend hours floating in the pool while you enjoy stunning views; finally, you can break free from your daily routine […]

Enjoy each and every moment

Countless unique moments await you. Life is the sum of every single moment you experience, the unique instants that you will treasure forever … That last swim of the day enjoying the sunset from the infinity pool whilst listening to live guitar music in the background; that toast with a special someone after enjoying a […]

Holidays are for dreaming

For you and only you. Holidays are all about dreaming: dreaming of dedicating yourself the time you need; of pampering yourself a little (or a lot); of sinking under a stream of water, letting it refresh and stimulate your body; of bidding the sun farewell every afternoon and greeting it again every morning; of enjoying […]

Tenerife’s waves; perfect family fun, just minutes away.

Share your passion for the ocean with your family, and give your holidays the flavour of salty sea breeze and a soundtrack of crashing waves and happy laughter. You’re just metres away from one of the best places in the world to enjoy family surf sessions, with waves for all levels and weather conditions. And […]

Fun-filled holidays of pure entertainment…

That’s really all any child wants; to be able to throw themselves down water slides again and again until they’re almost worn out and breathless from jumping in and out of the pool, running, jumping and splashing. Or making new friends to go to the mini club or enjoy playing video games with. They will […]

Surf Tenerife…

Make each wave count! Paddle out to the left of the Hotel Las Palmeras in Playa de las Américas and experience some world-class waves that are hard to find anywhere else. But you only need to move around the area a bit to discover famous reefs and swells such as la Derecha del Cartel, el […]