Raise your holiday expectations

And look at your holiday from a completely new angle. Experience how it feels to immerse yourself in the water whilst at the same time enjoying the best and most panoramic views of Las Americas, and to then get out and enjoy perfect background music as the sun gently begins to dry the water on […]

Change your idea of the perfect holiday

Feel like the star of your very own movie. Let the wind gently blow against your skin while you discover the most hidden and remote corners of our island; discover its many trails and paths and let nature transport you to a different place and time. Immerse yourself in our thermal circuit and feel that […]

You’ll want each day to last forever

Imagine being able to cool off after a workout by taking a dip in the turquoise waters of the swimming pool, and that there’s your favourite cocktail waiting for you at the edge of the pool when you come out. Imagine dancing freely under the warmth and light of the sun, and reconnecting with your […]

Enjoy each and every moment

Countless unique moments await you. Life is the sum of every single moment you experience, the unique instants that you will treasure forever … That last swim of the day enjoying the sunset from the infinity pool whilst listening to live guitar music in the background; that toast with a special someone after enjoying a […]

Connect, or reconnect, with what really matters

To truly connect, or reconnect, with who you really are. A journey inwards, that is also enjoyed from the outside, where you can experience every sensation without having to open your eyes. Where each memory will be filled with flavours, aromas and feelings… so that when you return to them you will, once again, feel […]

Holidays are for dreaming

For you and only you. Holidays are all about dreaming: dreaming of dedicating yourself the time you need; of pampering yourself a little (or a lot); of sinking under a stream of water, letting it refresh and stimulate your body; of bidding the sun farewell every afternoon and greeting it again every morning; of enjoying […]

Take your experience to another level

Have you ever had the feeling of soaring through the sky? In our exclusive UP! space, we have set out to offer it to you over and over again, to make your stay with us truly memorable.


Did you know that our skies have been recognised as a Starlight tourist destination? From our UP! roof terraces, you’ll be able to watch how, when the sun goes down over the horizon, countless lights begin to appear overhead, turning the darkness of the night into a canvas of wonder to marvel at and enjoy. […]

Nourish your body consciously

Enjoy the pleasure of our gastronomy, designed to satisfy all of your palate’s needs and desires. In our gastro spaces you will discover a selection especially designed for the healthiest of indulgences.

Take care of your line with haute cuisine

We have prepared an exquisite menu based on the best local and regional products, so that you can really enjoy our à la carte selection in the most natural way, without losing the quality and high nutritional value that Eat & Fit is all about.