Meeting the expectations of the youngest members of the family

Where the Dragon Trees Sleep is colourful world of fun and play for the under-12s, designed to provide families with a wonderful option for fun-filled afternoons and evenings, where children’s happiness is guaranteed. Discover our unique world, where the Dragon Trees, our best-loved native tree species, comes to rest in our fabulous 100m2 play centre. […]

Get ready for your date with the waves

Whether it’s before or after you hit the waves for a fantastic family surfing session, you’ll find the perfect selection of snacks to charge or recharge your batteries in our Surf Clubhouse. Fresh fruit juices, smoothies or even a cheeky cocktail (probably better after you go surfing, rather than before!), you’ll find the perfect item […]

Just when you think you’ve experienced it all…

Climb to the top of the tallest of our fabulous new waterslides and take in some incredible views over our pool area and across Playa de Las Américas. If the combination of our fabulous range of services and installations wasn’t already enough to guarantee you an unforgettable holiday, our unbeatable location offers you the chance […]