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World Tourism day at Spring Hotel Vulcano

Friday, September 27th, we celebrated International Tourism Day in Spring Hotel Vulcano as we do every year. The main theme this year was Water, a scarce and precious resource that we should all protect. Here at Spring Hotel we are very environmentally conscience, carrying out our own water and waste management plans.

That is why our hosts dressed up as “Water Droplets”


We began several activities in the morning, the first of which was an champaigne cocktail party in the Piscina Bar, prepared and served by our 2nd head bartender, Jorge.


Our head of public relations, Stefano, Romi, our host, and Jorge, the 2nd head bartender.

Coctel con clientes / cocktail with clients

Afterwards, our Chef Domingo and his team taught us how to prepare a delicious paella while we enjoyed our cocktails.


Nuestro Chef preparando la paella

Nuestro Chef preparando la paella

Our Chef preparing the paela. And this if the final result, a spectacular paella!

Our animation tem, chef, bartender and kitchen staff.

Our animation tem, chef, 2nd head bartender and kitchen staff.



The party kept going through the afternoon in the Cascada Bar before dinner with a few appetizers while we were seranaded by our pianist.

Our bar staff, Verónica and Jessica.

Our bar staff, Verónica and Jessica.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was lighted up by a folk music group.

This folk music group livened up our dinner.

This folk music group livened up our dinner.

The main event of the day was a drawing for a free stay at Spring Hotel Vulcano, congratulations to the winner!

The winner of the free Spring Hotel Vulcano stay!

The winner of the free Spring Hotel Vulcano stay! Congratulations!

The winner of the free Spring Hotel Vulcano stay! Congratulations!  From all of us here at Spring Hotels, we want to thank all of those who participated and we hope to have another great event next year.


Without a doubt Mount Teide, is one of the main tourist attractions in Tenerife. It would be a shame, if you missed the chance to visit the Mount Teide National Park during your stay.  Once a sacred ground for the Guanches, the first known inhabitants of the island, and nowadays, it still maintains a certain magic, mysterious or even prehistoric air.

My proposal for today is a car route, if you are feeling adventurous, and want to get to know the island on your own. At the same time I have also highlighted some other places you can visit during your stay. But should you feel less adventurous, you can book a bus excursion in the reception of our hotel, or even take the bus (Guagua) that leaves from Los Cristianos (*).

The Mount Teide National Park is situated only 50 Km away from Los Cristianos. You need to take the TF-28 in direction to Arona.  After a couple of kilometers from Cristianos you will go pass a residential area called Chayofa. On the right hand side we will find 2 big stone sculptures in the shape of an eagle. This is the entrance to the theme Parque Las Aguilas-Jungle Park. A little further along there is a petrol station with access to a small Camel Park.

Continue driving up that road, you will find a small roundabout. Take a left turn on TF-51 with direction to Teide. After a little while you will soon find two volcanic mountains or Roques, one called Roque del Conde an the other Roque Imoque. Both are well signposted and for those of you who enjoy trekking or mountain climbing, these two landmarks of the South you must keep in mind for your next visit.

Only 3 Km. later you will reach the center of village of Arona, the capital of the Municipality. At the crossroads, take the road to the left, the TF-51, with direction to Vilaflor – El Teide. On the outskirts of the village of Arona, you will find La Escalona and on the sharp bend you will find on the left hand side the Casa de los Escalones dated from 1908.

A while later you will come across the Municipaly of Vilaflor, the highest village in Spain,  situated at 1500 mts.  You will soon notice a great change in the landscape and vegetation, and also  the rural environment that surrounds the potato farms, almond groves, fig trees, honey and a great amount of vineyards. One of the main economic incomes of the municipality is the farming of ecologic products, not in vain the municipality produces a quality wine with Guarantee of Origin Abona.

At the next crossroads we have the option to either continue on the TF-21, or turn right into the center of Vilaflor, where you can visit St. Peter’s Church, built on the S.XVI. Behind the church, you can find the home of Brother Peter, the first Canarian Saint.

On the way you can make a stop to have a coffee or a hot chocolate in one of the many bars lining the route. Continuing after the TF-21 towards Boca Tauce – El Teide, you  are now entering the leafy forest of endemic pine trees and other outstanding species that encircles the National Park. If you are lucky and the sky is clear, you can stop at the first lookout situated after Vilaflor. There you will see the Pino Gordo, the “fat pine”, which is an enormous pine tree measuring 45 meters high and 9 meters wide.  This forest is the largest protected area in the Canary Islands and is  full of endemic and exclusive species.

If you do this route during the Winter months, you will start noticing a big drop in temperature from here. But if you do it during the summer months, the temperatures will be milder unless of course we are suffering a heat wave, in which case the temperature will be unbearable.

At 1980 mts. You arrive at Boca de Tauce . We are now in lunar landscape and has changed completely form the pine forests to the structure of the caldera and the Teide-Pico Viejo.  Apart from the wide variety of volcanic cones and domes, lava flows, tors and caves that form a range of colours and forms that increase the scientific and scenic interest of the area always with Mount Teide as the backdrop.

Our third stop is the Mirador de La Ruleta, where you will find breathtaking views from the Llano de Ucanca, the biggest plain on the National Park. This plain is sometimes covered by the water that slides down the sides of the vulcano forming small lakes.

Your next stop can be the Parador National and Los Roques de García, and ending up at the base of Teide with a cable car. The Roques the García ( photo below) used to be featured in the old 1.000 Peseta notes.

(*) Should you not feel this adventurous, you can take bus 342 that departs at 9.30 AM from Los Cristianos bus stop, and that returns at 3.40  PM from the cable car terminus, or from the Parador ( above) at 4 PM. Don’t forget to buy your Bono Bus to obtain up to 50% discount on your fare. More information here.

We hope that you have enjoyed this route, and please let us know if there are other routes that you would like us to feature here.

Pirámides de Güimar, a great discovery

As we mentioned in our previous post, we will begin featuring every month different places we hope you may find of interest, and that you can visit while you are on holiday in Tenerife.  We would love to receive your feedback and comments, to let us know what other places of the island would you like us to  discover for you.

Todays visit is to the Ethnographic Park Pirámides de Güimar, which I believe is one great unknown for many of you. I have tried to make a brief description of its history:

The Ethnographic Park Pirámides de Guimar  is a complex of six steep pyramids , that bear a surprising architectural resemblance to those found in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sardinia, Sicily and Latin America.

The existence of these pyramids first came to light in the early 90’s, after an article was published in a local newspaper. This unusual information  got to the hands of Dr. Thor Heyedahl, a Norwegian anthropologist, internationally known for his adventures on the high seas aboard replicas of prehistoric boats and his theories about prehistoric human migrations.

Dr. Heyerdhal carefully studied these pyramids on site, and related them with the prehispanical civilizations of Tenerife. In 1991, it was confirmed that they were astronomically orientateded towards the summer and winter solstices, and hence they are of great , cultural, historical and archeological value.   This investigation became of a personal interest to him specially after the grounds of the park were bought by Fred Olsen and in 1998 the Park open its doors to the public.

In the Park, not only can we find the pyramids, but also a museum, an auditorium  where a documentary about the park can be watched so visitors can have an idea of the magnitude of their surroundings.  Also a cave known as Cuevan Chacona can be visited.  Cueva Chacona is an 8 meter long cave were archaeological rests were found (goat bones, fish bones, lithic piercers,  potshreds  and bead necklaces). These rests  date  from  680 to  1020 C.E . Another  interesting feature of the Park are its gardens, as they  treasure a wide representation of endemic Canarian Plants, and other from different parts of the world.

The Park is situated in Güimar, 26 Km away from the capital city Santa Cruz de Tenerife. To get to the Park from the North of the island, you must drive on the TF1 motorway  direction South, and take the exit 19 Km at Arafo. If  you travel on the TF 1 from the South of the island you must take the exit 23 at  Puerto de Güimar, and go up direction Cacona in Güimar

The opening hours of the Park are: Daily from 9.30 am to 6 pm (Closed 25th December an 1st January)

The Ethnographic Park Pirámides de Güimar, has given us 2 tickets ( without transfers) to raffle between our readers. You just have to leave a comment saying you wish to participate . We would announce the winner within

Good luck to you all!!

Spring Hoteles Supports Tenerife At World Travel Market

It’s one of the biggest tourism fairs in the world and Spring Hoteles will be there flexing their muscles to keep Tenerife at the forefront of the holiday industry. The World Travel Market is taking place in the ExCel Centre near Canary Wharf, London from Monday 8th November to Thursday 11 November and Spring Hoteles are part of the Tenerife stand.

During the event thousands of travel industry movers and shakers will browse the stands, attend presentations and generally absord all that the exhibitors have to offer. The big political guns of Tenerife will be attending, President Ricardo Melchior and Tourism Councillor Jose Manuel Bermudez will be singing the praises of our beautiful island and ensuring that it stays firmly on the travel map.

Stealing a march on the hundreds of other exhibitors, Turismo de Tenerife will be hosting  a pre event presentation in the Tate Modern Gallery hoping to paint a bright and rosey picture of what they have to offer.

Playa de Las Americas, doorway to fun and sport!

Hotel Bitacora

If you want to be active and explore your holiday area, the Bitacora Hotel is the ideal base. Playa de Las Americas has changed dramatically over recent years and can now offer something for everyone.

Golfers will delight at the Golf las Americas course, it’s staged many big championships and the tree lined layout makes it sedate and tranquil, despite only being a short walk from the seafront. Families can spoil themselves at Siam Park, the biggest water park in Europe, with a lazy river, slides, and white knuckle challenges, it’s sure to thrill.

Las Americas is a shoppers paradise, perfumes, electrical accessories, fashion and duty free products are all for sale in large modern commercial centres well served with bars and restaurants for those “catch up” moments.

The Bitacora Hotel offers 4 star comfort with first class service and all at very reasonable prices. Spring Hoteles are proud to invite you all to come and see why Tenerife and Playa de Las Americas are bywords for great holidays.

Los Cristianos, a welcoming mix of old and new!

Arona Gran Hotel

The best of both holiday worlds – that’s what the Arona Gran Hotel can offer. At the end of the old port and beach, it offers a mix of small intimate bars and restaurants and a lovely promenade to take in the sea view, stretch those legs and relax in a sedate setting.

Keep walking into town and you can enjoy the fish restaurants that surround the harbour and the small pedestrian shopping streets full of bargains. The main cultural and fiesta events take place around the old port beach, and the church plaza is often used for music evenings.

On the other side of the port, you will find a more modern and commercial side to Los Cristianos with singers in bars and modern commercial centres that are ideal for warm weather fashion and holiday gifts. The golden arc of Las Vistas beach makes it one of the best swimming and sun bathing areas in Tenerife. Water sports and boat excursions are also easy to find here, or you could just relax and take things easy.

The choice is yours, but knowing that the 4 star comfort of the Arona Gran Hotel is there for you with its fabulous restaurants, bars and pools and is always welcoming. Of course, if you are feeling more adventurous we can also book excursions for you!

Carnaval time at Arona Gran Hotel

Arona Gran Hotel

Tenerife is known for it’s lovely, vibrant and friendly culture and all that spills out in a cascade of colour and noise at Carnaval time. You have to be quick, nimble and early to get a good vantage point for the showpiece parade on Sunday 7th March, but guests of the Arona Gran Hotel don’t have to go to the parade, the parade comes to them.

The afternoon procession or Coso, starts off near the beach below Guaza mountain, a few yards along from the Arona Gran Hotel. The floats, dancers and musicians all warm up and get into order at least an hour before the start. If you´re staying at the Arona Gran Hotel, you won’t miss a thing and get a great view!

The parade starts its slow meander up into the city centre, ending up near the Cultural Centre. The stage and fair all take place in the centre of Los Cristianos, a mere 5 minutes walk from the comfort of the Arona Gran Hotel.

The Carnaval week begins on Thursday 4 March and ends on Monday 8 March with the Burial of the Sardine, a riotous funeral parade that ends at the beach with the burning of the giant papier mache fish. You won’t forget Los Cristianos Carnaval in a hurry and your holiday at the Arona Gran Hotel will linger with the same warm and pleasant memories of a great holiday.

A green welcome at Hotel Vulcano

Hotel Vulcano

First impressions can mean a lot, so prepare to be impressed by the botanical lounge reception area at Hotel Vulcano in Playa de Las Americas. It’s something different and shows the attention to detail that will make sure you have a great holiday.

The green theme continues with the well tended gardens, and once inside you will appreciate the large swimming pool with fountain and the stylish restaurants with their tempting menu.

It’s easy to forget that you are in the heart of Las Americas, the nightlife capital of Tenerife, you are just a short walk from the beach and the late night bars where the fun goes on until the small hours. Los Cristianos is a short stroll along the seafront promenade and some of the best commercial centres are near the Hotel Vulcano, packed with designer clothes and bargain priced electric goods. It’s all in easy reach when you stay with us.

Playa de Las Americas, your ideal Tenerife base

Hotel Vulcano

If you are a more adventurous holiday maker, the Hotel Vulcano is the perfect place to stay, the 4 star comfort will mean you get a great start to each day and somewhere you look forward to returning for the evening entertainment.

In the day, Tenerife is there for you to explore, The main bus station is just up the road, and is your doorway to the lush green north of the island or the more rugged inland villages where there is a big welcome and small prices. Car hire is a great way to get around Tenerife, reception will be able to give you good advice on reliable companies. Playa de Las Americas is served by the main motorway, and then the road opens up for you as you seek out some of the amazing sights around the island. If you want company, reception can also advise you of the best group excursions to sign up for.

Service is the key at Hotel Vulcano, you will find our staff friendly and helpful and well clued up on local customs and fiestas. There has never been a better time to book for your Tenerife holiday, if you go to our main website and book online, you can even get a 10% discount. What are you waiting for?

The Arona Gran Hotel has offers to tempt everyone!

Arona Gran HotelThe Arona Gran Hotel doesn’t just stand out as a landmark hotel on the Los Cristianos beachfront, it also has outstanding offers.

Booking on line is quick and easy and comes with a bonus of free tea and coffee making facilities, with a 7 nights minimum booking and is Just one of those extra comforts you can expect when you choose to stay in 4 star luxury and style on the old port side of this popular resort.

The views out to the Atlantic as the inter island ferries come and go are just one reason why the Arona Grand Hotel is a firm favourite with Tenerife visitors. A weekly market, nearby hiking routes, a 5 minute walk to the main bus station and a fantastic pool terrace to catch that sun, all play their part in luring our guests back again and again.

Everyone should have the chance to be just a 5 minute walk from the commercial heart of Los Cristianos, with the beach below, and Guaza mountain rising up at the side. That’s why Arona Gran Hotel has special offers to welcome single guests, check for details on our main site